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  • Rwankuba, Eastern Province, Rwanda

Women’s Handicraft and Entrepreneurship Project

This Project seeks to generate socio-economic empowerment and capacity building amongst local women entrepreneurs, especially in the handicraft sector. The Institute has identified a group of local women who already possess skills in handicrafts; such as the weaving of traditional baskets, known as Agaseke in Kinyarwanda. This program seeks to improve the skills of these women, through handicraft training courses, aimed at encouraging the production of higher quality goods, more creative and innovative design input and new popular products. The program will organize them into a productive cohesive team and provide training in entrepreneurship; to foster a business mindset and good management practises. The final stage will be to connect these women to the market, and provide outlets and opportunities for them to sell their products, thus providing a sustainable and consistent source of income for them and their families.

The first group of women will begin their 3-month intensive training program in September 2017.