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  • P.O. Box: 1770
  • Rwankuba, Eastern Province, Rwanda

Farmer Field School

The School has been established to combat extreme poverty, food insecurity and malnutrition at the grass roots level in the community of Rwankuba.

The School will provide training courses in agricultural skills, innovations and strategies to overcome key challenges faced by this very poor rural community. Our aim is to make agriculture more productive and profitable and move the community from subsistence based forms of agriculture to commercial agriculture. The School is based on the Mustard Seed Farm, which is a model farm, to facilitate training and skills transfer.

The School will host a range of experienced and dynamic teachers, including, successful farmers, knowledgeable agronomists and local leaders. The aim is to share practical knowledge and useful experiences that can be applied in the local context. The School seeks to foster connections with local government authorities in order to share information about government-funded opportunities and initiatives with the local community and to better understand government policy in the agricultural sector. The School welcomes visiting international experts to come and share their knowledge with the local community.

The School seeks to foster a practical model of reconciliation, by bringing the community together to work toward a common goal of economic development through agriculture. Our belief is that we cannot talk about true reconciliation if people in the community are hungry and lack basic needs. Thus our model seeks to improve the living conditions of people, whilst at the same time unifying them into a cohesive productive team.

The School strives to contribute to research and policy formulation in the Rwandan agricultural sector.

We are always looking for dynamic and innovative agricultural experts to come and share their knowledge with us at the Farmer Field School, if you are interested, please email us to sabrina@msi.rw

Current Courses

2017 - Professional Pig-Keeping – 1 month intensive course on caring for and breeding pigs in a commercial context, in partnership with Vision Agribusiness, Byumba, Rwanda.


Shumbusho Theogene (July) – Now employed at MSI as Pigkeeper

Habinshuti Erneste (July)– Now employed at MSI as Pigkeeper