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  • +250 788 817 565
  • P.O. Box: 1770
  • Rwankuba, Eastern Province, Rwanda

Children’s Literacy and Nutrition Project

This project will seek to improve literacy levels in the local community, especially in the English language, by providing weekly English language classes in a fun, supportive and creative environment. The project will promote a love of reading books and writing, through the establishment of a small library and story time. The children will have access to and be involved in educational games, puzzles, DVDs and training sessions. The Institute seeks to encourage individual development in creativity, innovation and initiative amongst the participating children. The aim is to better prepare local children to be competitive in the job market and have the confidence and skills necessary to operate successfully in their future chosen careers in Rwanda and the region. Many children growing up in poor rural communities, such as Rwankuba, are at a disadvantage compared to their peers in the capital city, who have more access to learning resources and English language training. The project envisions removing this disadvantage and giving the children growing up in Rwankuba more opportunities and a broader and more dynamic vision for their lives.

The Nutrition Project will seek to engage discussions with children and parents about issues of nutrition and hygiene and how malnutrition can be combatted through the initiatives of the Institute. The Institute seeks to work in co-operation with the community on how best to develop strategies to ensure the local children have healthier lives and thus better futures.

The Project will hold community research seminars and produce educational publications on topical issues in the community, in an effort to improve the lives of local children. These research seminars will involve both children and adults and local government authorities. The project seeks to contribute to policy development and implementation on children’s issues in the local area. The children will be encouraged to engage in debates and presentations on issues of social concern. Examples of issues for discussion; reconciliation, preventing Genocide ideology, stopping violence against children, child protection, family conflict resolution and human right principals. The vision is that the children of Rwankuba will be inspired and empowered to transform their community and Rwanda for the better.