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  • +250 788 817 565
  • P.O. Box: 1770
  • Rwankuba, Eastern Province, Rwanda

Mustard Seed House

The Mustard Seed House is to be a community vocational training center, where all Mustard Seed Institute programs will be held, to facilitate extreme poverty alleviation, reconciliation, sustainable peace, agricultural innovations and entrepreneurship within the community of Rwankuba, Gatisibo, Eastern Province.

The Mustard Seed House will be welcoming and open to all and will provide a range of programs and training sessions for different sectors of the society and be a gathering place for the community.

The House will foster reconciliation by creating a sense of community and equality for all, thus breaking tensions between individuals and families that exist because of the history of Genocide in the area.

It will be the venue where visiting groups from neighboring countries will be hosted for seminars and dialogues; so they can learn from this Rwandan example of reconciliation.

The House has been designed on a pro-bono basis by Tasmanian architect Tasman Smith of Terroir, Australia. The construction process is due to start in late 2017; once funding has been secured.

The Mustard Seed House will facilitate the realization of the Vision and Mission of The Mustard Seed Institute