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  • Rwankuba, Eastern Province, Rwanda

Mustard Seed Community Innovation Center

The Mustard Seed Institute is delighted to announce that the construction of the Mustard Seed Community Innovation Center has started! The building launch took place on January 10th, 2018, and was a very happy occasion, with much singing and dancing. In attendance was the Mayor Richard Gasana and other local officials and a visiting Member of Parliament from Australia, Julia Finn.

The building of the Center is made possible by our very generous donors. The Australian Government’s Direct Aid Program provided a large building grant, via the Australian High Commission in Kenya. We are very thankful to the Australian government for their support of our work and their generosity toward the community of Rwankuba. We are very thankful to an incredible Australian couple ( who wish to remain anonymous) who make all our work possible, including this building project, they are long-term supporters and we are grateful for them every day.

The Center will enable the MSI to provide training sessions, vocational courses, educational workshops and dialogues for the local community and host visitors from the region and overseas. It will be an important gathering place for the entire community, welcoming to all.

The Center has been designed on a pro-bono basis by Tasmanian architect Tasman Smith of Terroir, Australia. We are very thankful to him for giving us his time and skills and creating such a beautiful design.

We firmly believe that this Center will transform the community; it is the first modern building of its kind in Rwankuba and will be a great source of pride for the community.

The building is scheduled to be completed by May 2018.

The Mustard Seed House will facilitate the realization of the Vision and Mission of The Mustard Seed Institute