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  • +250 788 817 565
  • P.O. Box: 1770
  • Rwankuba, Eastern Province, Rwanda


We have 25 huge fertile Landrace-Pietrain Sows, who are usually pregnant and one active Boar. We regularly welcome litters of healthy piglets; on average our sows give birth to six piglets each time. The Rwandan Ministry of Agriculture has recommended professional pig breeding as a key means of combatting rural poverty and malnutrition. This is because pigs require a small amount of space, breed rapidly, have large litters of piglets, are easy to care for, and their meat is a very good source of protein.

Our pigs are a very large breed, can be easily fattened, and once butchered provide a substantial amount of good quality meat for market. There is a huge demand for pork meat in Rwanda and the region. Rwandan pig farmers are working together to try and meet this unfulfilled demand through the Rwanda Pig Farmers’ Association of which MSI is an active member. The MSI has partnerships for research and development on pig breeding with fellow Rwandan pig farmers, Vision Agribusiness Farm in Byumba and Peter in Rwamangana.