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  • +250 788 817 565
  • P.O. Box: 1770
  • Rwankuba, Eastern Province, Rwanda

The Farm was established to provide a practical model for agricultural training purposes; in order to alleviate extreme poverty, and to foster reconciliation and sustainable peace in the local community. The Farm is the venue of our Farmer Field School, which provides training to local farmers on new agricultural innovations, strategies and concepts. The Farm is a key driver of socio-economic transformation, by providing practical on-the-ground training to local people, equipping them with new skills and knowledge that can easily be applied in the local context.

The Farm is a site of agricultural research, on issues of food security and agricultural productivity that can benefit the local community and Rwandan society. The Farm provides jobs to the local community and is a source of inspiration and knowledge, an example of what can be achieved by working together.

The Farm promotes a practical model of reconciliation, by bringing people together to work toward a common goal of socio-economic development. We believe that true reconciliation cannot be achieved if people in the community are hungry and lack basic needs, thus we seek to bring the community together to improve their living conditions and in the process unify them. On the farm former Genocide perpetrators and Genocide survivors work and train together.

The Farm ensures the sustainability of the Institute. All proceeds generated from the sale of farm produce go back into the Institute, to provide programs and training to the community.

The MSI is committed to contributing to poverty alleviation, reconciliation and sustainable peace through the work of our Farm!