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The Future Burundians Want: Identify the Problem…Propose the Solution

A Roundtable on Burundi: The Future Burundians Want!

20th May 2016

This roundtable was aimed at developing research recommendations and policy ideas by bringing together Burundians from a diverse range of backgrounds and professions, on how Burundian society can progress in terms of improved security, respect for human right, peace, political stability and social economic development

The objective of this roundtable was to encourage solution oriented discussions with a focus on building a better future for Burundi. The Mustard Seed Institute encourages a sharing of a plurality of opinions and advocates for peaceful local solutions to local problems by promoting inclusive dialogue and advocating for peace, security, non violence and inclusive socio-economic development in the great Lakes region of Africa.

The roundtable was by invitation only and included Burundians from a wide range of sectors, including; lawyers, politicians, women’s rights activists, youth activists, journalists, business people, civil society activists, students and refugee advocates.

Burundi Dialogue Goals and Objectives:

To create a forum where Burundian refugees of diverse backgrounds who are living in Rwanda can come together to constructively discuss the future of Burundi;

To honestly identify the key problems currently facing Burundi;

To analyse the long and short term causes of these problems;

To propose long and short term solutions to the insecurity, political instability/violence and poverty in Burundi.

To highlight the key challenges faced by the Burundian refugees in the region and particularly in Rwanda.

To compile a list of policy recommendations to be taken by different sectors for building a more secure, stable and prosperous Burundi