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  • +250 788 817 565
  • P.O. Box: 1770
  • Rwankuba, Eastern Province, Rwanda

Support Us

The Mustard Seed Institute happily welcomes people who are willing to support our work. There are many different ways to join The Mustard Seed Team, in either Australia or Rwanda;

Volunteering your time and skills:

  • Website and Graphic Design – Australia/Rwanda
  • Farming knowledge and skills (pigs, chickens, crops, soil, irrigation) – Rwanda
  • School partnerships – Australia
  • Photography and Youtube clips – Rwanda
  • Document editing – Rwanda/Australia


We are always keen to host speakers at our events in Rwanda, if you have valuable knowledge and insights to share in one of our programs. We are very happy to welcome you in Rwanda!


We are always keen to establish partnerships for events with like-minded Institutions.


There is always a need for trained counselors who have expertise in treating victims of trauma.


All donations are very gratefully received and the total amount goes to funding projects (no administration charges).

For more information, please email: SabrinaMSI@outlook.com